Safe and secure asbestos preventive measure and treatment

Protecting the environment and workers from ultrafine asbestos dust Safe and secure asbestos preventive measure and treatment

With the increase of demolition and repair work of constructions built before the prohibition of asbestos, the exposure to asbestos among workers involved in the work and the health damage caused by asbestos flying around in the surrounding area have become huge social issues.

The most important thing in the asbestos preventive measure and treatment is to reduce the asbestos dust released to the general environment as well as work environment. The anti-dispersion solution for asbestos, “ND-Lock,” which we have developed, helps to prevent asbestos from dispersion and make both general environment and work environment safe, by decomposing and crystallizing asbestos fibers.

When conducting the asbestos removal work, it is important to take measures based on the risk assessment and follow related-laws and administrative advices in order to protect the environment and workers. Simultaneously, it is essential to make sure to complete the work safely, which requires the extensive knowledge and experience.

SAGASIKI ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENTS CO.,LTD will support our customers thoroughly as an expert in the asbestos removal work.